A meaningful Perfect Anagram of MENTAL reveals a cause of pain and suffering, the MENTAL LAMENT. And, there is a Perfect Anagram of MENTAL that reveals a cause of joy and healing, the MANTLE of Love. Here, MANTLE is the Perfect Anagram of MENTAL, and MANTLE has many meanings. The MANTLE over a fireplace. A MANTLE can be the cloak of a king or queen, or the cloak of a saint. A MANTLE can be the cloak of a mother's love. A MANTLE can also be a verb, to spread over the surface as a covering; to overspread; as, the scum mantled on the pool. A MANTLE can also mean, to unfold and spread out the wings, like a mantle; -- said of hawks. Also used figuratively. Used figuratively, a person heals a MENTAL LAMENT, and the MANTLE of Love is spread over the MENTAL and the MENTAL LAMENT heals. Our MENTAL MANTEL is our ability to imagine and create, with Love. Caring, forgiving, gentle, kind, Lovving, nurturing, peaceful, tender. Or, the MENTAL LAMENT is in power, and the mind is unceasing in its pain and suffering, and the MENTAL LAMENT is the MENTAL MANTEL. So, talk the old cloak of thought off and think anew, with new awareness, you can heal the MENTAL LAMENT with the MANTLE of Love. I know, because I lived through doing this very thing.

The Perfect Anagram of MENTAL == MANTLE or MANTEL. Both spellings are acceptable.

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MENTAL ... AELMNT ... a ma lament a mental tale ?? a man lament a mental tale ?? a man lament a me ?? a ma lament a ma ?? men lament men ?? a ma tame a tale .. a ma tame a mental tale .. a tale tame a man elan .. an elan tale tame a ma .. amen a name .. men, a man, a ma .. a name an amen .. a man tame a tale .. a man tame a mental tale .. a man tame mental metal .. a man tame a mental lament .. a man mean a tale .. a man met a ma .. a ma met a man .. a mate met a mate .. a mate tame a mate .. a team mate lean .. a teammate amen a ma .. a man tame mental elan. ~ kathy onu 202402090806 Florence, Oregon LAMENT ... AELMNT ... an ELAN LAMENT a mean man a mean man a lame male a mean ma a lame ma Elan LAMENT mean mean Elan LAMENT mean ma Elan LAMENT mean me a MENTAL LAMENT MANTLE a ma, MANTEL A MAN, MANTEL A MA, MANTEL MEN, amen a name a LAMENT a ma tame a LAMENT a man tame a LAMENT meant .. a LAMENT mean .. a LAMENT ma .. a MENTAL tale ate at me .. a MENTAL tale eat at me .. a MENTAL tale meal .. me. nae LAMENT .. a ma tame late tale nae LAMENT .. a man tame late tale nae LAMENT .. me tame me .. nae LAMENT .. Elan lean at name .. an Elan + MENTAL TEAM TAME MENTAL LAMENT amen a name let a MANTEL tame a MENTAL LAMENT amen amen amen a name mean me a name mean amen a ma a name mean amen a man tame a mental team tame a lament tame a mean tame a man tame a ma amen a man a ma a name ~ kathy onu 202402090827 Florence, Oregon MENTAL a man, an ale, a malt, a mate, tame a man a ma, a mate, an ale, a malt, tame a ma MENTAL TEAM MATE explained: 1. We are Soul/Elan 2. We are Mental Images in Mind, images of light in our aura while we imagine/think Most folks think of themselves as being aware, and this is done in/through/with the mental realm. In reality we are aware of being aware. the body gives impressions of sight and sound and senses galore and this is one awareness. you are aware. Now, step it up on level and imagine being aware of being aware. Here, you stand and sit and play and sleep, stable as a rock, your eternal awareness is observing your physical awareness. You are your own MENTAL TEAM MATE .. You are in charge of the mental, the mind, the imagings, the thinkings, the reactings too. You are aware of being aware. If you are not aware of this as you read this .. Stop and smell the roses. Seriously so. The body senses are luxuriant. You are experiencing the body. You are the observer of the physical observer, thy body. You are the thinker of the body. What you think, it thinks. You are the Master of the Mental.End of that story. Take the reins of your imagination. Control the things you think upon. Don't enjoy a thought you didn't want .. Think cancel, cancel, cancel, while you turn your attention to anything and do that. If need be, say cancel out loud until you cannot recall what you cancelled. this will TAME A MENTAL LAMENT. To help you be able to tame your mental machinery .. I offer you what I call .. The 7 Keys to Near-Instant Awakenings and Healings link it Your life will change forevermore. Read the Star Arts .. AWARENESS BREATHES COMPASSION DEPRESSION FRIENDSHIPS FORGIVENESS GRATEFULNESS HAPPINESS LAUGHTER(S) LAUGHTER(S) MEDITATION NEWSPAPERS PERSEVERENCE RELATIONSHIPS RESOLVES TELEVISION VIOLENT

Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.
- Alfred, Lord Tennyson, poet (1809-1892)

Definition of *Lexigram:
lexi means: word; as a lexicon is a dictionary
-gram means: written out or drawn out in full
Lexigram, the word more fully reveals its nature.
Not all English utterances will reveal meanings in these ways.
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Also known as Lexigrams
lexi means: word; as a lexicon is a dictionary
-gram means: written out or drawn out in full
Lexigram, the word more fully reveals its nature.
Not all English utterances will reveal meanings in these ways.

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From your seeing that, the following will make sense.

The Sequencers database is capable of sequencing the entire English language from any time period, including new creations. This relational database enables us to relate the letter sequences to their creations. Similar to the Genome Project's decoding of the DNA, here we also use letters and words and sentences to show relationships of creation. Our DNA uses four letters. English uses twenty-six letters. The computer empowers the deciphering of our DNA. The computer's relational database empowers the deciphering of our language. It can relate the sequences to each other, and relationships of the lettering's sequences show up instantly.

Particular results the researchers seek are contained in the particular sequence searches. As you enter a new word, phrase or name, it will show you if your entry has any of the five sequences matching, and if so, how many matches exist. Click the match notice and voila, there they are. If you research words in any way, if you Love words, phrases, names, and you want to know them moreso, this is the app for you.

What are the sequences, you ask ??
Text Sequence : this is your entry, with all punctuations removed, numbers converted to their words .. 21 becomes twenty one.
Creation Sequence : matches are rare, and delightful : example : show edit == showed it.
Complete Sequence : Perfect Anagrams show up here, and when a match or matches show up, they usually earn their name, Perfect Anagrams.
Lexigram Sequence : Used for creating what we call Star Arts. These can be Word Arts, Phrase Arts, or Name Arts.
Singular Sequence : a research sequence undescribed at this time.
Lense Sequence : if entered, if will gather and show collection of entries belonging to that sequence, revealing Star Art lines.

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Kind Kin Is In I In KINDNESS.
~ Kathy Onu
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