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StarLight Expressions of the Letters Trestle

            by, Kathy Onu

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Please accept our ebook, a gift to every human on earth in the name of awakenings and healings, in plain English. This book is about the Star Arts of English words that are created using the art and science of the *Lexigram. All seekers of truth visiting Good Works On Earth's site are immediately and always able to download this ebook as our Thank You to you for your caring to awaken and heal thysElf.

* Lexigram, comes from two word parts:
   lexi, meaning the word. An example is lexicon, meaning the word reference, the dictionary.
   -gram, a suffix meaning, drawn out in full or written out in full.
Lexigram, as a word, and as an art and a science, is fully described with Star Arts examples, in this free ebook.