The Letters of LAUGHTER reveals the ability to rest the hates in our hearts, and minds. When people get to laughing too hard over anything, they might say, Stop !! You're killing me !! A good joke might GET A GREAT LAUGH and someone says, That just slays me. Well, LAUGHTER has you covered with that long tradition of being 'killed by laughter'
or saying, 'you slay me' or 'stop, you're slaying me', while choking with laughter.'

The Perfect Anagram of LAUGHTERS == LAUGH, REST.

All the words in the Lexigram Star Art of LAUGHTER are spelled using only those letters spelling the word itsElf.
lexi means: word; as a lexicon is a dictionary
-gram means: written out or drawn out in full
Lexigram, the word more fully reveals its meaning and nature.

Be Aware : Not all English wordings will reveal meanings in these ways. And this is one reason why we created this database of the words in English that do reveal meanings in these ways .. so I as a researcher of English did not lose my research successes and failures, or have to hunt them down again in the paper files .. I quit that enormous storage task in 1998 when I had a little over 1500 Star Arts rendered of English words, phrases, and names and more, and so I began to create this database of the words that do reveal meanings in these ways. Actually, in more ways that you have seen, or can imagine .. if you are not familiar with this goldmine of a research database.

Then I decided to share this database with the world and that took me a few years to do. Well, more than a few .. I built this site with the help of professional's Ruby on Rails template to begin the creation of a sophisticated relational database and the public facing pages to operate it. Now, too many years later, we have a software engineer as a collaborator who is helping us to wrap up all the fine details so we can open the database to public view and use. We are very close to that day now.

The Sign Up link at the top right of any page is your invitation to become a subscribing member and see English in a whole new light. This is a new awareness of English that is not taught in schools, and today in early 2024, is known only by those we have shared it with in this long research.

* The word, GAE, near the end : pronounced as gay : Origin is Scottish, and gae means to give.

~ from the letters ~
~ revealing ~

Ah Ha !!!

He Hear Her ..
Her Ear Hear He ..
Hear The Ear
Hear The Heart
Hear The EARTH
Hear Her HEART

A Laugh Heal The Hate
Laughter Heal The Heart
A Great Laugh Heal A Huge Hate
True Laughter Heal The Hate
The Laugher Heal The Rage
A Laugh Heal The Age
A Real Laugh Heal The HEART
A True Laugh Heal The HATER
Laughter Heal The Hurt
A Real True Laugh Heal
LAUGHTERS Are Regal Arts
A Great Heart Heal
A True Art, Laughter
Ha Ha Ha
He He

This wonderful word will share a lot more, after you enjoy the Star Art of TEACHERS, you will see how LAUGHTERS and HUGS HEAL.

I rendered LAUGHTER, without the S letter, so you can play with the Star Art and see what you can say using the missing letter.


He Hears ..
She Hears ..
Hears The Ear
Hears The Heart
Hears The EARTH
Hears Her HEART
Her LAUGHTERS Are Regal Arts
LAUGHTER Is A Great Star Art

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125 pages of Star Arts sharing the Art and Science of the Lexigram.
lexi means: word; as a lexicon is a dictionary
-gram means: written out or drawn out in full
Lexigram, the word more fully reveals its meaning and nature.
Not all English utterances will reveal meanings in these ways.
Here at Good Works On Earth, we share the Art and Science of the Lexigram in English, in the name of Peace On Earth Good Will All.

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StarLight Expressions ~ The Letters' Trestle.

From your seeing that, the following will make sense.

The Sequencers database is capable of sequencing the entire English language from any time period, including new creations. This relational database enables us to relate the letter sequences to their creations. Similar to the Genome Project's decoding of the DNA, here we also use letters and words and sentences to show relationships of creation. Our DNA uses four letters. English uses twenty-six letters. The computer empowers the deciphering of our DNA. The computer's relational database empowers the deciphering of our language. It can relate the sequences to each other, and relationships of the lettering's sequences show up instantly.

Particular results the researchers seek are contained in the particular sequence searches. As you enter a new word, phrase or name, it will show you if your entry has any of the five sequences matching, and if so, how many matches exist. Click the match notice and voila, there they are. If you research words in any way, if you Love words, phrases, names, and you want to know them moreso, this is the app for you.

What are the sequences, you ask ??
Text Sequence : this is your entry, with all punctuations removed, numbers converted to their words .. 21 becomes twenty one.
Creation Sequence : matches are rare, and delightful : example : show edit == showed it.
Complete Sequence : Perfect Anagrams show up here, and when a match or matches show up, they usually earn their name, Perfect Anagrams.
Lexigram Sequence : Used for creating what we call Star Arts. These can be Word Arts, Phrase Arts, or Name Arts.
Singular Sequence : a research sequence undescribed at this time.
Lense Sequence : if entered, if will gather and show collection of entries belonging to that sequence, revealing Star Art lines.

Visit this page and every question is answered ..
The different sequences are used for different things

Members can see and now prove and so know words really do lead to their
actions in reactions or creations.

This work is dedicated to Peace On Earth Good Will All.

Words are key, and kindness counts, we are all kin.

Kind Kin Is In I In KINDNESS.
~ Kathy Onu
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The benefits now are substantial, if you Love English.

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