You could say this is the DNA of the Letters of TEACHERS.

All the words in the Lexigram Star Art of TEACHERS are spelled using only those letters spelling the word itsElf.

~ from the letters ~
~ revealing ~

Ah Ha !!!

~ The See'r See ~
~ The Ears Hear ~

As The Teacher Share ..
As A She Has A He
As Hers Has A He
As The Hearts Hear
As The Teachers Share
As She Hears A Teacher
She Hears The Teacher's Arts
As She Share The Teacher's Art
As She Hears Her ~ As He Hears She
She Stare As She Hears
She Sat Here As She Share
The Teacher Share As She Sat There

He Hears The Teachers
As The Teachers Share Here
Hear, Hear !! Hear, Hear !!
Hear Thee, Hear Thee !!
Hear The Heart Here ..
Hear The Teachers Share ..
Share The Arts ..
Share The Earth's Arts ..
Share The Heart's Arts ..
Share The Star Arts ..
Share A Star ..
Share The TEACHERS' Star Arts ..

Hear A Teacher As A Teacher Share ..

Rest The Hates As The Hates Tear At The Heart
Rest The Hates As The Hates Tear At The Earth
Rest The Hates As The Hates Trash The Heart
Rest The Hates ~ Rest The Trash The Heart Hears
Rest The Heart's Hates, Haters .. Rest At Ease
As The Hates Eat At The Heart
As The Hates Heat The Heart
As The Hate Eats At Thee
See The Hates As Shat
She Hears As She Sat
As The Heart Cares
He Hears As He Sat
The Hates Are Shat As ..
The Hates Heat The Heart
The Hate Tear At The Heart

Hear Thee Here ..
Hates Heats Haste
Haste Heats Hates
Hate Heats Hates

The Heart See A Tear ..
The Heart See A Tear There ..
As The Heart's Hates Tear At The Earth Heart

Hear The Heart Here, See'r ..
Hear The Ear Here, Thee ..
Rest The Hates
Share A Heart
Heat The Tea
Rest At Ease
Share A Care
Share Cares
Share Hearts

Hear The Ear Here, See'r
Hear The Heart Here
Hear The Heart Beat
Hear The Heart Rate
Rest The Heart Rate
Hear The Earth's Heart
Hear Her Heart
See Her Trees
Hear Her Sea
As A See'r See Trees
The Trees See The Seer
The Trees Rest Set
The Trees Share
The Seer Hears
The Seer See
The Teachers Share The Earth's Arts
The Teachers Share The Heart's Arts
The Teacher's Star Art Reaches The Teacher's Ears
The Teacher's Star Art Reaches The Teacher's Hearts
The Teacher's Star Art Reaches The Cheater's Hearts
The Teachers Star Art Teaches The Earth's Heart
As The Teacher's Star Art Teaches The Earth's Heart
The Star Arts' Seer Share The TEACHERS' Star Art Here.
The Star Arts' Seer Rest The TEACHERS' Star Art Here.
How can teachers share how to care for Mother Earth and each other ??

The Star Art of TEACHERS shows us how ..

TEACHERS Rest The Haters' Haste ..
As Arts Ease The Haste, The Arts Ease The Hates ..
As Arts Rest Each Cheater's Cheats ..
As Arts Rest Each Heart's Hate ..
As TEACHERS Reach The Hearts ..
As TEACHERS Share The Hearts ..
As TEACHERS Teach The Arts ..
TEACHERS Reach Each Heart ..
TEACHERS Share Each Heart ..
TEACHERS Teach Each Heart ..
As Each Heart Teaches The TEACHERS ..

sh .. as ears hear ..
as arts ease the haste ..
as arts ease the hates ..
as arts rest the cheater's cheats ..
as arts rest the hater's hates ..
as the teacher creates ..
as the teacher share ..
as each see'r see the teacher ..
as ears hear a teacher ..
The TEACHERS' Star Arts Reach The TEACHER'S Hearts
As The Teacher As A Seer Hears The CHEATERS Reset As A Teacher.
As The Teachers As Seer Share The TEACHERS' Star Arts

We offer the Star Art of RESOLVES, sharing how to enjoy life .. RESOLVES

We offer the Star Art of LAUGHTERS ..
This Star Art is worth serious study and sharing. It is a powerful healing awareness, and it carries a secret power not yet know to the world, the power of healing hurt and rage. I have seen it work in my life, and in the lives of others. I describe this secret power in the Star Art of LAUGHTERS, but I did not see this secret power to heal until a fight almost began with two fellows drawing a crowd by screaming at each other for minutes on end. A friend and I did move closer so we could help break it up if it came to blows. They kept screaming at each other, and my friend and I got bored, and we started laughing about something we were talking about .. and oh my gosh .. within a minute these two men not only stopped screaming at each other, they somehow resolved their differences and they shook hands and walked away with each other. I was stunned. I was amazed. I was in awe. I was in the presence of the power of the Star Art of LAUGHTERS. I have seen it work many times since that day. The key is to laugh in another direction away from the fighters, not at the person or people. If needed, act like you are on your phone and laugh out loud outrageously, as if the fighters do not exist. Do not look their way. Do not laugh AT them. Laugh in another direction. That repetition of this point is important.

Listen to the Voicings of the Star Arts of AMERICANS.
America deserves a newer, higher awareness anthem. This is not it yet, that score is not yet finished. Here, the words have been spoken in the studio, with musician friends creating as we went along. Listen for one word, ERACISM, say as eeRAYSism, meaning is to erase racism from our hearts. Please do not listen while operating machinery. Do not drive while listening. Do not listen while driving. We have reports of folks pulling over to the side of the road to listen to the voicings of the Star Arts of AMERICANS, and .. reporting they have no memory of doing so. This 3 minute 33 second recording is powerful. It is like nothing you have ever heard in your life, no matter your age. The Voicings of the Star Arts of AMERICANS can grab your attention and hold it. I also suggest using headphones, if available. Last note .. this is an awakening experience, and it is a healing awareness.

There is great hope for AMERICA and AMERICANS, and so the world.
Artificial Intelligence has had zero input into the creation of the Star Arts of TEACHERS, or any other Star Art in existence.

The Star Arts are in fact, the opposite of artificial intelligence. They are the natural intelligence of the human mind and heart, and they are the natural intelligence of the Earth and the Universe, in soundings and spellings and meanings in nameings. I showed the Star Arts in TEACHERS to .. Here is the response: "Whether or not others see the same value or experience the awakening you describe, the effort to find and create meaning in this way is a valuable endeavor. It underscores the beauty and power of language not just to communicate but to connect and transform. Your Star Art of "TEACHERS" is a testament to the endless possibilities that language holds for discovery, insight, and inspiration."

Enjoy the Star Art of LAUGHTERS

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StarLight Express ~ The Letters' Trestle
125 pages of Star Arts
Also known as Lexigrams
lexi means: word; as a lexicon is a dictionary
-gram means: written out or drawn out in full

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StarLight Expressions ~ The Letters' Trestle.

From your seeing that, the following will make sense.

The Sequencers database is capable of sequencing the entire English language from any time period, including new creations. This relational database enables us to relate the letter sequences to their creations. Similar to the Genome Project's decoding of the DNA, here we also use letters and words and sentences to show relationships of creation. Our DNA uses four letters. English uses twenty-six letters. The computer empowers the deciphering of our DNA. The computer's relational database empowers the deciphering of our language. It can relate the sequences to each other, and relationships of the lettering's sequences show up instantly.

Particular results the researchers seek are contained in the particular sequence searches. As you enter a new word, phrase or name, it will show you if your entry has any of the five sequences matching, and if so, how many matches exist. Click the match notice and voila, there they are. If you research words in any way, if you Love words, phrases, names, and you want to know them moreso, this is the app for you.

What are the sequences, you ask ??
Text Sequence : this is your entry, with all punctuations removed, numbers converted to their words .. 21 becomes twenty one.
Creation Sequence : matches are rare, and delightful : example : show edit == showed it.
Complete Sequence : Perfect Anagrams show up here, and when a match or matches show up, they usually earn their name, Perfect Anagrams.
Lexigram Sequence : Used for creating what we call Star Arts. These can be Word Arts, Phrase Arts, or Name Arts.
Singular Sequence : a research sequence undescribed at this time.
Lense Sequence : if entered, if will gather and show collection of entries belonging to that sequence, revealing Star Art lines.

Visit this page and every question is answered ..
The different sequences are used for different things

Members can see and now prove and so know words really do lead to their
actions in reactions or creations.

This work is dedicated to Peace On Earth Good Will All.

Words are key, and kindness counts, we are all kin.

Kind Kin Is In I In KINDNESS.
~ Kathy Onu
Member's usages guide further development of Sequencers.

Members enjoy the benefits as further developed.

The benefits now are substantial, if you Love English.

Sequencers is built by Kathy Onu
The Good Works On Earth Trust

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